5 Top Secrets for Prolonging Your Jeans’ Life

Sparkle DenimSparkle Denim has created a new line of jeans. So, what’s new? The innovation here is these are sparkling jeans! The cloth like denim which is known for its fadedness, destroyed looks and overall rough wildness combined with delicate sparkles like sequins, pearls and rhinestones – can you imagine the outcome? It’s indescribably fabulous! Here we are giving only a few of them; you can see many more on SparkleDenim.com! Along with these amazing photos, we are also going to share secrets with you for making your jeans last long. Here they are.

1. You Need Not Wash Your Jeans Often

Do you hate laundry? Well, the population wearing jeans has a considerable percentage of students and this group is lazy about laundering. So, the good news is you need not often wash your jeans. Actually they must not be washed often. This keeps the color of your favorite garment intact, otherwise it fades. If you are a cleanliness freak, this tip may shake your nerves. However, give your consideration to the fact that slight dirt and your body oil combined with ozone in the air together offer your jeans lots of character and beauty!Sparkle Denim


2. If You Wash Them, Wash in Cold Water

But sometimes or the other, the cleaner in you will rise up and may want to give a nice wash to your dirty jeans. OK, then make sure that you do it in the cold. Also ensure that the pair is turned inside out. This will prevent fading.

Sparkle Denim

3. Salt Making Wonders

Add two spoonfuls of salt while you wash your favorite jeans for the first time. Salt will help the dye to set. If you have spare time, you can use it for the best way to wash jeans, by hands. Fill in the sink with cold water. Add only a few drops of a gentle detergent; it should only half a teaspoon. Turn your jeans inside out and put them in water. You need not scrub. Keep it as it is and then after about an hour, rinse it off in cold water. Hang dry and you are done! It will look as good as a new one.

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Sparkle Denim

4. Air Dry Always

If you want to prolong your jean’s life, always air dry. Don’t hang them out in the sun; hang them in shade. This will maintain the color. Place an old towel under your drying rack to that the dye of the fabric won’t land on your floors. The jeans might become a little stiff after this; so, you can put them in the dryer, but on the lowest temperature and only for a couple of minutes. Don’t worry if they are still stiff as they would soften up after you wear them for a day.

Sparkle Denim

5. Never Dry Clean

You may be tempted to give your jeans to dry clean because of all that pretty good looks and nice smell it gives. But keep in mind that all the chemicals used while dry cleaning will be hard on the fabric and will weaken it gradually. It can even give a shiny finish which you surely don’t want. Prefer steaming your jeans to dry cleaning to get rid of odors. Use a steam iron for this purpose, only for a few minutes; but don’t apply the iron directly to the jeans so as to avoid losing the original finish.

Sparkle Denim

SparkleDenim.com has an amazing range of the innovative sparkling pieces. Visit the site to view and buy them and glitter up your wardrobe!

Sparkle Denim

Author: Neeta

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