Remy Hair – Perfect Addition to Beauty

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"Remy Hair"Whenever wigs and hair extensions are thought of Remy hair is the best option available. They are the excellent standard hair extensions formed of original human hair. These are in any condition recommendable than their synthetic counterparts as, being natural, they adjust fine with our original hair. In turn amongst natural hair extensions too, Remy hair is recommendable, because its cuticles are intact, thereby it gets the natural feel as well as brightness.

Virgin hair is the hair which has not been processed and so is the most apt to be utilized to create wigs or hair extensions. On the contrary non-virgin Remy hair are treated with chemical processes prior to being crafted into a wig or extension. The most common among these procedures is alteration of coloring.

Again amongst both of them, there are two types viz, single drawn and double drawn. The first kind, i.e. single drawn hair in a bundle varies a little in its length, while the second type, i.e. double drawn is even in length, grouped in such a manner that its cuticles face towards same direction, and so they are more expensive, owing to the excessive care and time needed to separate it out depending on length of each strand and organiz them in similar direction. The double drawn virgin Remy hair is considered to be the most useful when picking out hair extensions.

Some points have to be considered while purchasing hair extensions. You can look carefully at the extension and determine whether it is of high class or not. The extension is good when its cuticles are in similar direction. Cuticles are identical with shingles on a house top. If they are not arranged in the one direction, they intertwine with each other creating disordered hair. When hair is grouped with its cuticles facing in similar direction, the hair looks gleaming and more like original.

When buying and using Remy hair, it is very much essential that its coloring has to adjust with that of your original hair. To test if it matches, always confirm your original hair pieces from their lower segment, i.e. from the middle towards the end. This is owing to the fact that this part of the hair is the previous emerged portion and so fades up slightly than the newer developed part near your head. The portion adjacent your head is naturally slightly darker than the lower portion. The extensions should adjust the color shade of the lower portion. It is also essential that the extensions must go with the length, texture and curl of your hair. If your original hair is wavy or curly a little and the extensions you select are straight, they are not clearly a proper match, because it can be identified easily that you have put hair extensions.

It is advantageous to have hair extensions cut sometimes, in particular if they happen to be clip-ins. Trimming of extensions are advised to adjust your own fashion.

Take out the Remy hair while going to bed. Because hair extensions or wigs apply at least some amount of abrasion on your own hair, taking them out from your scalp while going to bed is always better.

Remy hair is the most apt choice for today’s fashion-loving ladies to add to their beauty, given they have to beware of these types of little factors pointed out so far.

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