Use Safest Cosmetics and Keep Your Beauty Alive and Unharmed

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Eyes and lips are the most attractive parts on a woman’s face and eye makeup and lipstick can make them even more beautiful. However, if these products are not chosen wisely, not only they can be a big fashion blunder, but also the beauty of your most attractive facial features may be ruined. Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the right products.

Eye Makeup Products

These are typically safe as long as they are used properly. You should be especially careful enough to avoid very old products because they can develop bacteria, fungi and all other harmful substances over time.

Here are some tips:

  • Throw away eye makeup products after a few months.
  • Don’t use dried out mascara. Never try to moisten it with water or saliva. Mascara should be replaced every two to four months.
  • Keep eye makeup products cool i.e. at 85 degrees F or even less. So, you should not place them in your car or steamy bathroom.
  • Don’t use the same pencil for eyes and lips as that can spread bacteria.
  • Avoid kohl eyeliners because they may contain lead to dangerous levels.
  • Never share your cosmetic products with your friends to avoid spread of bacteria.


Lipsticks are generally made of non-toxic ingredients. They usually contain plant butters, oils and other emollients, texturizers (finely ground powders from crystals and minerals), thickeners like polymers and waxes, colorants, flavors and fragrances, and preservatives and antioxidants.

Lips are extremely sensitive. They have a layer of skin which is much thinner than rest of the facial skin. Below this thin layer, there is a mucous membrane. Lip skin also doesn’t have sweat glands or hair which means lips don’t have any natural defense that our rest of the skin has.

Whatever you smear on your lips is finally ingested. So, ideally you shouldn’t apply anything on your lips that you wouldn’t want to eat.

Face2Be line of cosmetics

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Lipsticks may contain numerous ingredients that you should avoid. Here are a few.

Which Lipstick Ingredients Should You Avoid?

  • Non-organic Castor Seed Oil and its Byproducts
  • Preservatives and Antioxidants which are tricky as you have to keep products fresh so as to inhibit microbial growth. Thankfully most lipstick formulations have least water and need little to no added preservatives. Also there are natural waxes and oils in some lipsticks and thereby natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  • Fragrances and Flavors which may contain several unlisted ingredients such as phthalates which disrupt hormones and are potentially carcinogenic

Acceptable Ingredients in Lipsticks

  • FDA approved cosmetics are the safest and most reliable.
  • Pigments derived from the earth from crystal and mineral sources (mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides) that are FDA-approved to use in cosmetics are the safest when used by companies who diligently check components’ purity.
  • Colorants derived from plants i.e. phyto-pigments are not FDA-approved to use in cosmetics. But that doesn’t mean that they are unsafe; but nobody has submitted pleas to check their safety as coloring agents in cosmetics.
Face2Be line of products

Non-toxic Lipsticks

These may contain following ingredients:

  • Organic castor seed oil
  • Organic oils, waxes and plant butters
  • Safer preservatives and antioxidants

Face2Be by Lewis Premium Cosmetics

Lewis Premium Cosmetics LLC has brought Face2Be, a facial makeup and skincare product line of eight types of beauty products, viz. mascara, eye pencil, lipstick, lip gloss, double-sided lipstick, makeup remover and facial cleansers. Plus, it has facial kits, makeup brushes and various other accessories to complement the Face2Be line of products.

The Face2Be products are formulated by companies who offer GMP Certification and use the highest quality ingredients to manufacture the FDA-approved products of Face2Be.

Soon a range of Natural Skincare products will also be introduced by Lewis Premium Cosmetics Face2Be product range that will contain 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

Take a look at their Instagram account too.

Use these safest cosmetics and keep your beauty alive and unharmed.

Face2Be line of cosmetics

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