5 Simple Fashion Tips for Short Men

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shoe lifts for menThough it’s not a hard and fast rule, taller men typically appeal women more than shorter ones. And men know this. No wonder, every short man tries to do everything with which he can look taller. Here are 3 simple fashion tips for short men that will surely make them look taller and more appealing.

1. Wear Clothes that Fit Well

If you are particularly fond of loose clothes because you feel comfortable in them, avoid that temptation. Loose clothes make you look fat because they seemingly increase your width. Naturally you look even shorter than you actually are. On the contrary, fitted clothes that are close to your body make you look thin and therefore taller.

2. Use Shoe Lifts

Shoe lifts for men, also known as heel lifts or height insoles, are wonderful devices that are 100% concealed and instantly add to your height without being seen from outside. What’s more, they are suitable to virtually any type of shoes, including work boots, dress boots, athletic shoes and most sneakers. And they are also designed smartly enough to fit any shoe size.

3. Stay Away from Long Hair, Waistcoats and Belts

Long hair tends to hide the neck which typically elongates your body. So, long hair is a no-no if you want to look taller.

Vests or waistcoats create a shortening effect by forming a very busy mid-section of the body which steals attention away from the overall vertical line. Hence they too are no-no.

And a belt is worn horizontally. A horizontal line formed by the belt apparently cuts the body into half and make you look shorter.

All in all, you have to avoid these three fashions.

4. Shorter Jackets and No Break on the Pant Legs

Typically a suit jacket must cover just the buttocks. Nevertheless, a bit of shorter jacket reveals more of the legs and a bit of shorter pants reveal more of the shoes. Both of these form an unbroken, continuous body line with more of the body exposed, which ultimately make you look taller.

5. Position Accessories High Up on the Body

The idea behind this is to catch people’s attention to your upper body, thereby forming the illusion of more height. It’s fun to wear accessories and they include glasses, hat, tie pins, pocket squares and lapel pins. However, a lot of accessories can give you an eccentric look. At the most, three good accessories are just enough.

Use these tips and create a taller look to feel confident, dominant and reliable. And remember many shorter men created a history!

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