8 Fantastic Tips to Enjoy Your Perfume to Your Heart’s Content

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Jizan PerfumesWhen you love to surrounded by a pleasant fragrance, you should remember certain points so that you can make the most of your precious perfumes. Here are tips that will make you enjoy your favorite scents to the fullest.

1. Use Your Perfume to the Last Bit

If you want to make full use of your precious perfume such as Jizan Perfumes and not to waste even a bit of it, there’s a nice trick for that. Pour your unscented lotion in the empty scent bottle and shake well so that the last bits of scent too will be mixed with the lotion and you can use it.

2. Create Your Custom Fragrance

Spray various oils and perfumes on a few fragrance blotters and smell them simultaneously to check if they complement each other. Once you find a combination you desire, try them on your skin (the perfume smells can be altered due to your skin oils). The stronger scent should be sprayed first and then should be topped with a lighter one so that the stronger one can’t overpower the lighter one.

3. Use a Makeup Wipe to Get Rid of an Unwanted Scent

Sometimes you spray a scent to sample it and you don’t like it. How to get rid of it? Carry a makeup wipe always and wipe out the unwanted scent.

4. Use Business Cards Instead of Blotter Strips

For sampling scents, you need not waste blotter strip paper. Instead you can use business cards.

5. Wait Till it Dries Out

Once you sprayed a fragrance on your skin to sample it, wait until it dries out before smelling it. If you smell it as soon as you spray it, you will smell the first note which will vanish soon after being sprayed. The real scent is the one you smell after that.

6. Use Fragrances to Sleep Better

You have experienced calm with certain scents. Spray those scents on your pillows and they will help you sleep better.

7. Scented Cotton Swabs

If you want to enjoy your perfume all day long, spray some cotton swabs with it and place them in sandwich bags inside your bag for quick touchups all through the day. This is much easier than carrying the entire perfume bottle.

8. Keep Your Clothes Scented Always

This is a great trick to make your clothes smelling amazing always. Spray some tissue papers with your favorite scent and line your dresser drawers with these tissue papers. Your clothes, towels and all your belongings will smell just as you want.

Follow these tips and you can enjoy your perfume to your heart’s content.

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