Incorporate Flowers into Fashion this Season

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flowers and fashionWearing flowers on body as a fashion is an age-old tradition and it’s not surprising. After all, there is hardly anyone on this earth who is not fascinated by flowers; so, girls’ practice of wearing them to attract their beaus, for their beauty and fragrance, and to enhance their own beauty with the floral beauty is quite common since old times. And the tradition is continued till today when girls prefer flowers equally as any other embellishments to enhance their beauty by wearing them on different body parts. Tiny smiling flower arrangements in the hair, and around neck, arms or wrists are enough to attract anyone’s attention and let the lady wearing it make a fashion statement.

If you are afraid that wearing flowers so close to skin will make them wear out soon, don’t worry! Jewelers have now found out a new way to preserve real flowers for years – coating them with resin! This coating protects the flower and also maintains the color and shape of the beautiful petals. This technique lets you cherish a lovely gift from your beloved for years. Let’s see some wonderful fashion accessories made beautiful, fresh and fragrant with flowers.

Flower Necklace

Real flowers represent freshness and brightness. Incorporating them in a necklace creates a fun sparkle of colors while celebrating spring or while brightening up your winter wardrobe. You can incorporate a lovely flower in the pendant or many such flowers around your neck in the necklace itself. Anyway you wear them, they are going to make you look ravishing!

orchid necklace

orchid necklace2

Flower Earrings

Wearing a pair of fresh flowers in your ears is a fantastic fashion trend and a unique jewelry idea. You will notice that not only you are enjoying wearing them in ears but others too are stunned with your distinct piece of jewelry. In South Louisiana it is quite common for women to wear flowers behind the ears. As a norm, you will want to wear same species of a flower of similar color and size, but in a rare case you can even go funky with a different type of flower in each ear – but take care to make it look neat and not absurd.

flower earring

flower earring2

Floral Headpieces

Wearing flowers in hair is not unique, but is still not less attractive. You can wear whatever flowers you want in your hair arranging them beautifully by yourself or with the help of a professional. If you are doing it for a special occasion, better go with a professional. For a more casual event, you can try doing it yourself. After all, flowers look beautiful any way!

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flower headpiece

flower headpiece2

Flower Bracelet

Wearing fresh flowers around your wrists makes you really stand out. You can make these stunning bracelets by yourself with the help of a colorful hemp or cotton jewelry cord (prefer a thicker variety) by macramé. Or you can even take a readymade bracelet of your choice of material and color and tie a corsage of flowers to it. Both ways it looks awesome.

flower bracelet

making floral bracelet

Flower Handbags

After talking about floral jewelry, we will now talk a little about incorporating flowers into your accessories. Do you know you can incorporate them in form of bouquets in your handbag? Yes, really! Companies like Passion and Pink Stix have come up with unique and amazing handbags with flowers. They have abundant room inside with interior zippers; plus the lovely flower plants in them have their very own clay containers and also care tags. What’s more, you can customize the bag with your choice of lovely and beautiful bouquet too.

flower handbag-passion

flower handbag-pink-stix

Flower Shoes

And how about flower shoes? Well, some of you may not find it a good idea, while some others will love it! Just look at them and decide! They are really cool. You can incorporate flowers of your choice of course to match your attire and other accessories – but going springy with these shoes is an awesome idea indeed!

shoes with real flowers

Incorporating flowers in your fashions keeps you fresh and invigorated. The benefit of using real flowers is you can change them as per the season. As particular flowers are available in their designated seasons, you don’t have to think much about which ones will look trendy. And in a single season, you can wear many of them. After all, seasons don’t bring you only one or two flowers – it brings you a lot of them. Besides, you can add more charm by including foliage which is equally beautiful and enhances the beauty of flowers. So, this season consider trying flowers as your fashion trend and stun everyone with your natural, floral beauty!

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