How to Evaluate the Diamond Ring?

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engagement-diamond-ring“Diamonds are the girl’s best friends!” No matter if you are material-girl or you just wanna have fun, when you imagine the engagement ring of your dreams, it certainly has the diamond. Or maybe some other precious stone? Maybe it does not have to be worlds largest diamond, but it has to shine and to draw attention saying “yes, I’m getting married and want the whole world to see it!” But, what exactly do you know about diamonds? You know that your future hubby has to part with a lot of money to buy you a small piece of jewellery that will symbolize the most important relationship i your lives. But, the prices differ and there are too expensive and “affordable luxury” diamond rings. How can you know which one you’ve got? What you should learn about diamonds is 4C valuation: cut, carat, clarity and color. Even though the cut is the most important C in 4Cs, all these characteristics are considered equally valuable.

The only characteristic among the 4Cs that isn’t influenced by nature is the Cut. Yes, it’s open to (human) mistakes and lousy practices. If you cut the diamond too deep or too shallow, the shining stone won’t be that brilliant. Apart from this, the cut determines the shape of the stone: the pear, the heart, the princess shape or the emerald, round or marquise are the most common.

Even though colors make our world a nicer and better place, when it comes to diamonds, the white is the most valuable color. To be more precise, colorless diamonds are the most precious ones. Absolutely colorless diamonds are graded with “D” letter, and the scale moves to the letter “Z”. Fancies are those very strongly colored diamonds, well known for their distinctiveness. Not sure to say where did those A, B and C letter go. However, between the two extreme, D and Z, lovely stones as diamond certainly are display subtle colored tones.

Carat is a measure of the diamond’s size and weight. The most engagement ring diamonds are averagely between one carat and half a carat diamonds. One carat is about 0.2 gm and the smaller units of carat are called points (1 carat equals 100 points).

Clarity is something considered very important by most people, even though it’s something that cannot be evaluated with the naked eye. Every stone has nature’s fingerprints or small inclusions looking just like clouds or feathers. They can, indeed, affect the brilliance of the stone, but also they are the details that undoubtedly make every single diamond unique. However, the most luxurious and the best diamonds are graded with IF meaning Internally Flawless and the worst is I3 (Imperfect 3). Slightly Included 1 (SI1) is what is recommended for a diamond engagement ring.


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