Things to Know about Tragus and Industrial Piercing

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industrial and tragusPiercing is a sort of personal journey, therefore there are so many reasons why people do it. In short, it depends on personal preference, culture and tradition. The thing is, piercing is either adored or hated; there’s no place for the middle ground. If you prefer piercings and you’re considering getting another done, it’s recommended to be well prepared for everything associated with it. Let’s learn about things you should know about different kind of earrings: tragus and industrial piercing.


tragus jewelryTragus is the nub of cartilage extending in front of the opening of the ear canal. In the 2010s, tragus piercings have become incredibly popular. When it comes to choosing tragus jewelry, it depends on several important factors. The first tragus jewelry item you’ll have to wear is the first one that you’ll be pierced with. Depending on a professional who pierces it, your preferences and your own ear (its anatomical characteristics are the crucial here!), you can be pierced with either a circular or a stud. Why is that important? The piercings themselves heal depending on the shape of the jewelry that’s being worn while they heal. For example, if you’re pierced with a straight barbell, it will be rather uncomfortable for you to switch to a circular barbell and vice versa. For that reason, know the type of the tragus jewelry you’ll be wearing beforehand.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know your size! Ear gauge sizes chart can be really helpful here. In general, tragus piercings are performed in 14, 16 or even 18 gauge. Also, you need to decide upon the barbell length (for a stud piercing) or the diameter (for circulars). Finally, it’s up to you to choose the style of your new jewelry. Take your time to decide on a specific style of tragus jewelry that will be both comfortable and good looking.

industrial piercingIndustrial piercing, sometimes referred as the Scaffold piercing, is very popular piercing kind. It involves 2 perforations on the upper cartilage of the ear; one at the top of the cartilage, the other one at the bottom of it. Industrial earrings look stunning, but to acquire that image and to get it done properly, make sure it’s carried out by an experienced, reliable and reputed piercing professional. Otherwise, industrial piercing could go wrong.

At the start of any body piercing you need to provide the identity proof and you’re probably asked to sign a consent form; industrial piercing is no exception. Check out possible options for industrial earrings required and get one for you. Jewelry made of titanium or steel can reduce the chances of getting allergic reactions. Before using any form of industrial earrings, make sure they’re of the correct size and shape for your ear(s). Professionals doing piercings use a surgical marker to mark the entry and exit spots of the cartilage; the area should also be cleaned and the needle has to be sterilized. After the procedure, make sure your piercing professional cleans the area of dirt and blood in order to avoid infections.

Although that’s rather tempting, try to touch neither the pierced area nor the jewelry several days after the procedure. Also, don’t add weights over the area and avoid using disinfectant soaps and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your ear(s).

Intensity of the piercing varies a lot; people who generally bear the pair easier find getting tragus or industrial piercing not very troublesome. Nevertheless, it becomes painful during the cleaning and healing process. Since we all heal at different rates, there’s no specific healing time for tragus or industrial piercing. However, the healing process depends on the quality of aftercare; someone who’s following instructions usually heals faster than someone who’s neglecting the piercing.

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