Manuel Dreesmann Leather Goods – Absolutely Eco-friendly Products with Beauty and Humanity

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Manuel Dreesmann clutch

The New Year is around the corner and you might wonder what resolutions to make. Well, you may make many other resolutions; but remember to make a resolution of using eco-friendly fashion products. Everyone is becoming environment-aware; so, why not you? We introduce here a good place to start with.

Manuel Dreesmann is a Designer from Germany who has started a brand of premium leather products from wallets to bags in Barcelona from midsummer 2018. His company produces the leather goods locally in Barcelona with locally sourced materials. The leather comes from the same tannery near Barcelona that produces the leather made for the celebrated brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes. The unique stud button is the same that is made for Dior, also locally sourced in the region of Barcelona. In short, these products are made from high-quality material.

Manuel Dreesmann’s product line fuses high craftsmanship with minimalist, still playful designs.
The pricing is affordable, taking into account, that the quality is similar to Hermes or Louis Vuitton. These products come in modern designs, merging old and new production methods, modern patterns, and a unique method to print patterns on the products by drying the leather under the sun, by cooperating with graphic designers. They have low overheads and lower marketing expenses, the benefit of which they pass to their customers in the form of affordable prices.

Leather products by Manuel Dreesmann are made from natural vegetable tanned Leather, without added paints, to keep the products as natural as possible. Also, as they are not covered in paint, the leather will receive a beautiful patina over time, by the sun and oils.

Manuel Dreesmann

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning is a sustainable and ethical method, far more natural than chrome tanning. Tanning is done to convert animal skin into soft leather and makes them rot- and water-resistant. Chrome tanning is faster and cheaper but uses chromium or aluminum salts which pollute environment and can cause allergies. Vegetable tanning is done with the tannin salt found in plant parts such as seeds, roots, plant sap and bark. Vegetable tanning is safe for the workers, users and also for our Earth. Vegetable tanning also produces stronger and firmer leather. It also offers natural colors and so, deeper and more intense shades can be achieved. Plus, it acquires a nice patina over the years. Therefore Manuel Dreesmann products are made with vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanning is a time-consuming process that requires highly skilled craftsmen because the hides should be soaked in large pools of concentrated tannins over many months.

Some other major benefits of vegetable tanning are:

  • Leather becomes thick and hard wearing
  • Looks traditional
  • Natural feel
  • Builds a patina with age

Goodness of Full Grain Leather

Manuel Dreesmann products are made with the highest graded Full grain leather, which is the best part of the leather, being the strongest and most durable. It is the top layer of the hide and doesn’t peel, tear or crack.

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Other benefits of full grain leather are:

  • Since full grain leather is the top layer of the hide, it hides all the unsightly marks and scars on the animal’s skin. Therefore the piece looks beautiful.
  • This kind of leather becomes more beautiful over time, instead of getting ruined with age.
  • Also with age, full grain leather develops a change in the color which is called patina.
  • This leather is also easy to maintain. You can just wipe your bag with a cloth regularly to prevent dirt and dust accumulation and store it in a dry place, and it can serve you for years.
  • This part of the hide has vertical fibers in it; therefore, it doesn’t easily tear, peel, puncture or crack. Plus, the grain pattern is tough and moisture-resistant.


Manuel Dreesmann products have minimalistic forms yet they are artisan handcrafted, as they polish the edges, which makes them round and not flat as in competitors’ products.

Some prominent benefits of handcrafted leather goods are:

  • No two handcrafted products are exactly the same and so, every handcrafted product is unique. You’ll find no other person owning the same Manuel Dreesmann piece as of yours.
  • Since work done by hands uses less energy than a mass production assembly line, it’s environmentally more sustainable.
  • When you spend money on handcrafted products, you encourage more jobs. A study finds that just 10% shifting of consumers to locally owned businesses creates hundreds of new jobs and millions of bucks in local wages.
  • With handcrafted products, you get the option of customization and so, these products can meet your requirements better.

Manuel Dreesmann also has developed a special way to print patterns on their leather that nobody have done so far. They place the leather on their terrace in the heart of Barcelona under the sun. And with specially printed glasses, they define which areas of the leather will tan to a darker colour. In this way, they can print patterns on leather just with natural methods.

Manuel Dreesmann card holder

All Manuel Dreesmann products with patterns come in limited editions and they plan to work together with illustrators that fit to their brand to create small editions.

All in all, if you are looking for topnotch leather goods to make a style statement, your search ends at Manuel Dreesmann products. The beauty of these products is that they are not only stylish, but are absolutely eco-friendly in all senses; so, you can proudly wear them not only because of their beauty but also humanity.


Manuel Dreesmann
Am Dobben 147
28203 Bremen
Instagram: Manuel_dreesmann

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